About Prop 1

This bond will leverage existing psychiatric and behavioral health education, training, and services into a new, expanded facility where a full continuum of behavioral health services in a healing environment will be consolidated. These investments will not only serve already vulnerable populations, but also help all individuals receive treatment ahead of crisis—changing lives while saving resources.

Harborview’s behavioral health outpatient clinics have run out of room and the evidence of the need for expanded behavioral health services can be seen everywhere.

The recommendations comprising the bond package follow a nearly two-year stakeholder process designed to understand and identify the capital needs of Harborview and the broader King County community, including input from medical experts, labor, behavioral health experts, housing and homelessness community, and others. This bond will replace an expiring levy and will cost an additional $61 annually for the median King County household priced at $600,000. Click here to see the estimated change in annual levy rate.

Highlights of the measure include:

  • Construction of a new medical tower and renovation of existing space that increases capacity for the hospital to serve more patients in the event of an emergency, disaster, or pandemic and to meet modern infection control and privacy standards;
  • Expansion of the emergency department;
  • Construction of new behavioral health services building to meet the growing demand for behavioral health; and,
  • Critical seismic improvements to the historic Harborview campus ensuring the safety of patients, employees, and visitors.

The elements of the $1.74B bond are outlined as follows:

Medical Tower Building Increase surge capacity; meet infection control and privacy standards; new emergency rooms; disaster preparedness $925M
Behavioral Health Building Expand capacity for behavioral health services and programs $79M
Renovations to Existing Hospital Buildings Expand ITA Court, Gamma Knife renovations; renovate labs, Public Health TB, STD, MEO $178M
Harborview Hall Create space for 150 respite beds including seismic upgrades $108M
Center Tower Seismic upgrades for safety and modify space $248M
Pioneer Square Clinic Seismic upgrades for safety and improve clinic space $20M
East Clinic Demolish building $9M
Site Improvements/ Other Costs Site preparation; plant infrastructure: 1% for Arts; project labor agreement; project management $146M

*Estimated Costs, Subject to Modification

HMC and COVID-19

On any given pre-COVID-day, day up to 50 (12 percent) beds are unusable due to the need for patient isolation procedures; COVID-19 has emphasized the need for Harborview to modernize the infrastructure to support responding to COVID-19 and future infectious diseases. Older buildings on the campus need to be seismically stabilized as a life-safety measure. As the region grows, the medical center must expand to serve the growing population and their complexities.

Ultimately, care will be impacted if voters reject this bond. Today, Harborview is operating at nearly 100% of capacity.


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